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Hi! 👋

We are Applied Exploration, a Machine Learning Research Studio specialized in translating State-of-the-Art algorithms into practical use-cases.

Based in Berlin, we currently collaborate with Machine Learning Practicioners and Researcherss across Europe and the Americas.

Some of the topics we are interested in:

  • Graph Neural Networks

  • Machine Learning applied to Code Intelligence

  • Quantative pipelines by combining multiple models

  • Neuro-symbolic approaches, eg. symbolic regression.

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Become part of the community

Since 2021 we have been developing a community of likeminded individuals, who we meet weekly for:

  • Project Demonstrations and Deep Dives

  • Mini-lectures on computational topics, eg.: Caustics

  • Paper Reviews on new, exciting papers.

If you would like to apply to the community then DM us on @hellosemy or @itchingpixels to join the family.

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